China Order Management System – Simple

Management system service ordering and transporting Chinese products provide a comprehensive solution, detailed to help businesses, organizations and individual process management service provider ordering and shipping from China to Vietnam effectively and quickly. We provide systems towards the goals:

  • Enhanced performance compared with the actual process
  • Simple and convenient
  • Saving human resources
  • Support better interaction with customers
  • Following closely the activities of employees in the organization
  • Supports aggregate, statistical financial situation, debt
  • Minimize unnecessary waste costs

Actual process service providers are operating

The realization of the actual process on software

  • Employee information management, customer safety & security
  • Customer support quickly create orders using manual methods, import excel, extension
  • Assign staff to handle specific orders, easily manage progress
  • Support accounting of deposits and payments accurately and quickly
  • Management processes while shipments to warehouses as well as the specific processing steps when incurred
  • Send alerts to administrators, staff of processing departments and customers when there is an order change or an expense is incurred to promptly update as well as provide a handling plan.
  • Manage and handle the bill of lading.
  • Shipping costs are dependent on actual weight or volume size converted from cargog
  • Statistics, order management, employee commissions (customer service staff, order staff) and detailed and accurate financial resources
  •  Allows turn create orders from the initial order or delivery related complaints and uniquely applicable rate table
  • The system of assigning jobs, tasks to departments, detailed employees, easy process management

Customer benefits of using products

  • Order easily, quickly and accurately, saving the maximum time.
  • Minimize human resources, employee participation in the process of work
  • Payment simple, timely, accurate data without calculated by manual methods
  • Manage and control the operation of each department and employees via decentralized system function
  • Financial management continuously, accurately and avoid confusion, loss of business, companies (Public Debt; sales; Billing implementation; Promotion WeChat; Cash bargain)

What people say about the system

I am very pleased with the way you work. The company has fulfilled most of the work that we expect. I look forward to working with you for a long time

Van Nguyen

Corporate customers

I am very pleased with the way you work. The company has fulfilled most of the work that we expect. I look forward to working with you for a long time

Mai Nguyen


Effective products in petroleum business management. We are very satisfied

Hoang Anh

Vice president

Customers who have used the product

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