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Petroleum business management system

Supporting petroleum businesses with the best solution for activities: Import - export management, employee management, customer management, financial statistics, import and export statistics, comparison of information through statistical diagrams…. Based on the actual operations that Nguyen Vinh Petroleum Co., Ltd is using.

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Chinese order management system – Simple version

We have built a simple system to meet the following criteria: Customers are easy to interact with when there is a need to place an order; staff easily receive and quickly process customer's request; The process of transporting goods, handling complaints, delivering goods, tracking customer debts is organized scientifically and effectively.

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Chinese order management system – Professional version

Upgraded from China Order Management System – Full version. In addition, you will see new features such as: Formula to calculate shipping cost from China to Vietnam; management of goods returned to Vietnam - China, lost goods; Vietnamese money book; Cash book; net profit statistics for each order; and many more useful features

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