FGC Techlution specializes in consulting and providing solutions for information technology systems, data management and electronic commerce; designing websites for organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals domestically and internationally. With dynamic, enthusiastic and professional staffs and a start-up spirit of youths, FGC Techlution has been building an ideal environment to obtain new technology ideas and connect people to do required tasks.

Being founded in the period of world economic fluctuations in march 2009, FGC has been striving continuously to reach a long-term and sustainable objective. During working time, FGC has gradually proved our capability and prestige to local and international partners. Our regular international clients include developed IT systems originating from : UK, US, Netherlands. Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, Korea … They are helping us approach latest technologies and modern working styles.


With a great passion of tech creativity and sustainable target, FGC desires to deserve to be one of the top IT corporations and reinforce our position in the global technology map.

FGC Techlution aspires to bring it closer to society, for a non-distant community.


Heading to a sustainable future, we are aware of our mission and our responsibilities :

For customers : putting customers’ benefits at first, FGC Techlution focuses on providing quality products, meeting customers’ demands and expectations and become a reliable partner.For FGC members : we always encourage and favour creativity, build an open environment, eliminate perspective of labour exploitation. FGC will be the home for all staffs to freely create ideas, to actualize their technology dreams and ours also.For community : we would like to share it closer to community, for a developed it community, for a thrive society.



We all want to devote our abilities to a bang-up environment. Thus, FGC has been building an ideal working place, an open environment where every member easily integrates into creative work, express their ideas, and especially we always spur young generations to show off their capabilities to be more productive.


“Creativity is thinking more effectively”

Individual thoughts make difference, diversification for the development. FGC truly respects independence, so we do not stick members to stereotype but encourage new and unique ideas because building a passionate fire is what we are really heading to.


Sharing ideas together, connecting dreams together. We has built an environment in which every knowledge, opinion, idea, experience is freely discussed together so that those ideas can spread out as seeds flies in the wind.


Trusting in a sustainable future creates our power of creativity, and credit from customers is definitely the motivation for our greater efforts in order to make useful products. We are responsible for our dreams and also for customers’ expectations. Hence, we are fully aware of our responsibilities of building trust.

Culture is what we lack when possessing all, but also what is left when all are lost.

We acknowledge corporation culture to be the heart and spirit of the organization and it affects much to inspiration, motto, and connection among members. We are heading to a stimulating  environment where every staff feels enjoyable for each working day, build their dream, and unite together into a friendly atmosphere. Every individual would also be proud of contributing their attributes to a whole FGC of identities. Those identities are the connecting string, the pride and love of every member for their corporation.

Apart from reserving natural values, appreciating contemporary values, we always foster new and inventive factors which may combine with current values to make a solid growth.

FGC’s activities

Office activities
Encouraging staffs to maximize their creativity, we build a private place where all can unwind themselves with exercise machines, music room and do not squeeze any member in their working time, respect their self-consciousness. Readiness for individual work derives from devotion love for company’s common benefits.
We usually organize monthly outings, parties and annual trip to glue company members.
Raising expertise
Monthly expertise discussion is orgarnized openly for mutual sharing, learning and contributing individual experiences as well as devising solutions to optimize productivity. Issues are discoursed friendly attracting staffs to partake in.
Actions for community
We take time to contribute to societal activities : blood donation, raising funds for impoverished people or other humanity activities for the sake of building a better society.

hotline 0942 55 57 57