FGC – The untold story

By Fgc Techlution In Office activities

Last Vietnamese Women’s Day (20/10), FGC was blamed for flustering our staffs

After office hours, management drew staffs into a bun-fight, feast and even a karaoke party, making them voiceless on the following day. After receiving remedy from “Ministry of Medical”, everything seems to be back to its daily orbit and staffs now could talk and come back to their routine.

Working hours start from 8 a.m to 5 p.m. Everyone was concentrating on their work with a professional-looking manner.

Kicking off with a bun-fight…

Then continuing with a feast…

Then we were not who we had been anymore…

(Pic provided by a “professional paparazzi”)

A big question arises : after the “scandal”, whether FGC will step into the footsteps next year or not?