By Fgc Techlution In Raising expertise

Acknowledging human is the basic and the most important resource that determines existence, development and position of an enterprise, FGC concentrates on training knowledge, skills for staffs.

Operating in IT field and specializing in programming, high demand for IT expertise is prerequisite. However, we have to realize that the level of demand is hardly met by lessons in most universities. Vietnam education system focuses on theory rather than practice, therefore candidates those have University certificate or possess Master degree will obtain re-training sessions before working; even during their actual working, they still have to update expertise, skillfulness and latest scientific applications to meet job demands and not to be outmoded.

Success needs frequent training

        These days, training is perceived as an investment in human resources in organizations. Studies show working efficiency of those who have just been trained and those who already have much experience are equal. Training also produces current and future human resources for organizations. Much evidence proves investing in training links up with long-term and sustainable yielding rate for companies. FGC has been trying boosting training progress most professionally and frequently; FGC developers would receive a training course to exchange and share their experiences for every 3 months.

Trained to share or learn experiences.

After these training sessions, FGC hopes to :

  • Support staffs in raising their work quality and productivity and meet partners’demands by elevating staffs’capabilities.
  • Update new skills and knowledge for employees, encourage them to produce and apply new working method. Improve technical knowledge to adapt well to new technologies in long-term.
  • Create a right working attitude, loyalty with organization.
  • Develop self-motivation and responsibilities of employees.
  • Avoid outdated management. Training may also help entrepreneur foresee changes.
  • Deal with conflicts.
  • Build and maintain entrepreneur culture.
  • Provide new working orientation for workers.
  • Satisfy workers’ demands for developing.
  • Help company adapt well to environment changes.
  • Contribute to human resource strategy of organization in particular and of nation in general.

To get effectiveness, company’s basic and professional training is an important factor. In addition, strict and enthusiastic attitude from members are really needed. We are proud of having a young crew with youthfulness and glow in training activities and other activities.


FGC members work hard and relax appropriately.