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Working 8 hours each day, you usually have to deal with managers, co-workers, and customers…Good working behaviours and attitudes are wondered by many office workers. We would like share with you 10 golden working principles of office behaviours that may help you in your communication.

Learn how to behave towards your seniors
In every communicating situation, you should stay calm, be confident to express your opinions when dealing with seniors. If there’s any contradiction of perspective or work, be subtle in showing your viewpoints; avoid idea collision and arguing with managers.

Instead, you should frankly clarify your opinions relating to your responsibilities with a co-operation and development spirit.

Respect your co-workers

You often communicate with colleagues to plan company projects together. Thus, you should set up relationship based on mutual respect. You would hardly find a mutual understanding if being over-confident that you are better than them. Otherwise, you also should not self-depreciate about your expertise or you would be easily depressed, degrading your productivity. Please regard your colleagues as companions to share working experiences and enjoy success.

Build up relationship with your employees

They are competent collaborators that may help you accomplish assigned tasks. You should build up trust and inspire them whenever, everywhere, but do not give commands to them. Yet, you need to issue strict rules for them to complete their work on time.

Do not be a “coolie”
Do not be inactive in work. You should fully understand what are your responsibilities and do not obey unreasonable requests. You should have a clear and specific plan : schedule on Monday and rate progress by yourself by the end of the week – Saturday.

Avoiding unappropriate work suggestions
You have just 8 hours per day at work; thus please take time to optimize your work, do not bite off more than you can chew or take too many helping requests from co-workers, which are appropriate to yourself. Instead, subtly decline them!!!

Restricting chatting much at work
You should better only chit-chat when necessary or being available during breaks. Chatting too much lowers your value in supervisor’s viewpoint, and demoralize work mates.

Bragging about income
Ensuring objectivity and justice to working capabilities of each staff, companies hardly disclose their salary and other bonuses. Boasting about your income with colleagues will definitely make you unsubtle and isolate yourself.

Backbiting your colleagues
Backbiting is one of taboos in any organizations. If unsatisfactory with seniors or co-workers, you should straightly and tenderly offer an advice to them, avoiding backbiting.

Restricting using phones
Be a smart phone user. When attending a conference or meeting customers, set your cellphone in silent mode. It is really impolite with a phone ringing in meetings.

Work hard – play hard

When you already set up a good working attitude and obtain positive results, why not loose up a bit with your workmates? You should join in company activities and this is time that you might find some interesting things from your mates.